Introducing the CAM C dress shirt line. This is where bold, elegance and sartorial freedom come together. For those that rather stand out than vanish in the pack, you are in the right place. 

The CAM C dress shirt is a custom built dress shirt with distinct elements to pull you aside from the regular dress shirt. 

All dress shirts require specific measurements (which could be taken by yourself or for better fit by a tailor). 

After providing the measurements, you must indicate whether you want a regular fit (chest allowance at 3.9 inches/10 cm)/ Slim (chest allowance at 3.1 inches/8 cm) or Very slim (chest allowance at 2.8 inches/7 cm).

Then choose your fabric/collar type (see the 3 distinct collars provided) and monogram if you want one.

All shirts automatically come with the following:

1. Contrasting white collar and white french cuff.

2. White collar band

3. No pockets

4. 1.75 inch high collar

5. Stiffer reinforced collar and cuffs.

6. White shirt buttons

Please email with details.

Payment taken through Paypal and please use for payment.

A single shirt is $130 USD

Two or more priced at $115 USD each

Measuremet guide


The TAB C (with rounded tips)


The XTREME C                             The SPREAD C

The Fabrics...