Pink is one of my favorite colors.

The beautiful and soft hue creates an eye-catching contrast on a man. It pushes the boundaries, is modern, and keeps a man looking both elegant and confident.

Real men wear pink.


In today’s world, there are men who continue to engage in style and who are not afraid to step up their look at the work place or at a social event. These same men wear their personality, their confidence and their creativity on their sleeve.


Simply a man's necktie is more than a piece of fabric hanging from his collar. It is a first impression, a statement, a trend, a piece of armor and even an attraction. With vivid colors, bold designs and exquisite fabrics, a necktie is to a stylish man what shoes or a purse are to a woman of style.

The tie is more than a simple piece of clothing. Especially a Carlo Chiocchio necktie.


Pink also holds a more personal and deeper meaning to me. After being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, my sister's world changed. Like many other women her strength and courage have given the color pink a more positive meaning.  

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Luxury Neckties
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