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Blatantly Striped

Welcome to the world of stripes. They are vertical lines that run their course north to south on garments. From thin lines to thick chalk stripes, the pinstripe suit is a widely accepted and chosen fabric in the sartorial realm.

The origins of the pinstripe is shrouded in controversy but one thing is for certain, the ever-so stylish Brits introduced the fabric. The late 1900's may have seen the thickness and space of the pinstripe as a way to recognize certain Bankers. These stripes were only worn on the trousers along with a morning coat and this quickly became the dress for Bankers. Another theory lends itself to more sporting activities such as boating.

Wherever the pinstripe came from, it has survived the test of time and is still a popular look for many gentlemen. The use of the pinstripe were more for formal gatherings or as a very corporate look at a company or bank. In recent times, the pinstripe has been used across the fashion spectrum from business types to more casual outings.

The illusion that pinstripes provide is one of great aesthetic appeal. Vertical stripes lengthen a person, making them seem taller than what they really are.

Along with that, pinstripes are a very powerful and attention demanding pattern. This is why so many CEO's have opted to wear the elongated pattern as it creates a sense of formality and a firm upper hand in the office.

In my opinion, everyman should have at least one pinstripe suit. Whether it's classic with a dark colors or spiced up with brighter hues, the stripe is blatant and bold. Just how I like it!

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