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I often have several men asking me how I put a "look" together. The combing of color and patterns seem to throw many people off. The result? Wearing the same combinations due to the fear of wearing something you don't feel confident about.

Some people have a knack for assembling these garments into a cohesive look. I'm not sure whether I'm that talented but I do know that I'm confident in how I look and present myself. Editing is the big factor when trying new and different combinations. Being overly bold in everything that you wear can off put an outfit and make it more of a costume than a classy and tasteful look. You have to take into consideration the shades of the dress shirt, suit and tie, the proportions of the tie length, knot and width. Even the over accessorized ensemble can ruin a look.

If pairing color and mixing patterns scare you, stick to solids and go for common colors such as navy, black, or grey for a suit (as they are easy to pair with). Most solid blue shirts and all white dress shirts work perfectly well with the three colors of suits I mentioned.

This is an example of a solid blue suit paired with a solid white shirt and a grey tie. Keep it simple but make sure the fit is perfect and details are spot on!

If you want to push the creativity level and still don't have the confidence, you can always email me or DM me through Instagram and I'd gladly help!

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