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Sartorial know-it-alls

Style is personal. Style is an expression. Style can be bad or good. While we were in school, some of us are were horrible in math while those same people may have been gifted in English or the arts. Styling and fashion is the same. Not everyone has taste.

So what's up with the sartorial know-it-alls? These are self proclaimed individuals who keep a high regard for the "rules" of fashion. They are the purveyors of style or they think they are.

Style is a personal form of expression and it allows others to pick and choose what works for them while maintaining taste. The sartorial know-it-alls do not know how to pick and choose. They are the lemmings of the fashion world and need to be governed in order to dress or get involved in a conversation dealing with fashion.

Sartorial know-it-alls are normally those who quickly pick out the negative while completely ignoring the positive.

Know-it-all: "That tie knot was completely wrong for his collar?".

Other: " Can you even tie a knot that beautiful yourself?"

I believe that some rules are important and help guide people who are unclear about certain fashion protocol. "Can I wear a belt with my braces?", "What colored shoes go with a grey suit?", "Are baggy trousers ok?" or "Should my tie be under or over my belt?". These rules are formed to guide you to a better look, one that accentuates your ensemble in a positive manner.

Now having taste and style can be deadly and incredible attribute to embody. These people know when to edit, when it's ok to break a "rule" and still have the utmost self confidence. They often set trends themselves or pay homage to trends from long ago while still being current. They are not lemmings but the cat chasing the lemmings off the cliff.

I don't believe in putting people on pedestals but Tom Ford certainly knows a thing or two about mens fashion. He dressed Daniel Craig in this look for "No Time To Die". For all those self proclaiming sartorialists, braces can be worn with suit trousers that have belt loops. It is not a faux-pas. If fact, it's economically smart. If you like wearing belts as well as braces, why drop lots of money on trousers that can only be worn one way?

Another great comment made by those who again have no clue pertains to the always masculine white contrasting collar. Obviously my favorite look but met with criticism. "Guys only wore those in the 80"s and it's out of style" as the only reference they cling to is Michael Douglas in "Wall Street". I'll leave you with this image as it speaks volumes. If you don't know who he is, are you sure you're sartorially there?

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