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Sheers not Pantyhose

When I started my tie company, I never thought that I would get involved in the world of socks. Even though I wear sheers myself, it wasn't enough for me to research and have them made as an item to sell. My instagram followers were the catalyst that started the CALZ C (sock is calzini in Italian) sheers and they've been incredilby popular since.

Many guys regard the CALZ C sheers as pantyhose. Let's get one thing correct, pantyhose are transparent long socks that work their way up womens thighs. The CALZ C are OTC or over the calf socks for men, that have a light sheer to them but a solid foot base. The thiness of the sock provides unbelievable comfort, especially when wearing narrow dress shoes for long periods of time. The OTC also eliminates

the ugly flashing of a mans leg when he sits down. The socks do not fall and stay up the entire day. Let us not forget that the look (in my opinion) of these sheers are very elegant and classy. No need for flashy dots and crazy stripes on my feet when a Carlo Chiocchio tie can take care of all your color and pattern needs.

There are some sheer socks for men that are completely transparent but for my style and my following, that is a little too close to pantyhose as we woulkd like to get. Again, it's all personal taste.

The one tip I have regarding the CALZ C sheers is to put them on first before any other article of clothing. That way your color palette is determined and the socks are pulled up the entire way just below the knees.

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