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The Tab or Pin collar

There are several number of different collars that can be worn with a tie in todays sartorial world. From straight collars to cutaways, button down to tabs the list goes on and on. Some collars are better then others ( my opinion) and some seem to be incorrectly worn.

The focus in this blog will be on the tab and pin collar as they both have the same job when it comes to wearing a tie.

The tab collar or pin collar is meant to bring the tie knot to the main stage or make it more prominent in the ensemble. The collar should be squeeze together allowing the tie knot to protrude and stick out.

The biggest mistake many gentlemen make in wearing this collar is that the knot is too small or the make of the collar does not allow for a "squeeze on both sides. In other words, "why wear this collar if your knot is going to get lost in the space?".

The use of the tab or pin collar definitely brings a proper and classy feel to the dress shirt when worn right. I personally think that the tab above is far to loose and the knot is not sufficient enough to fill the space. The ties lays flat losing the opportunity to stick out and showcase the tie. A straight collar would have had the same outcome with better results.

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