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To MAS C or not to MAS C

Masks, Masks, Masks. Before we would see the rare individual wearing one and think how odd it looked. Fast forward 7 months and now you are the odd one for not wearing a mask.

Let's be blunt. Wearing a mask isn't just to protect you, it is also to protect others. If you're an asymptomatic carrier of the dreaded COVID-19, then you put others who may have immune deficiencies at risk. In a highly negative world, wouldn't it be nice if everyone actually cared for one another and just wore a mask? I mean, I have friends who are surgeons and wear a mask 12 hours a day non-stop. Drop the "it's uncomfortable or I can't breathe bit".

Wearing the mask doesn't have to be so bland either. The number of different masks on the market is unreal but some or more comfortable and eye pleasing than others.

ENTER MAS C Carlo Chiocchio masks.

Made with two layers of woven cotton for light and easy breathing, these masks come in an assortment of colors to pair with your ensembles. An adjustable toggle on both sides helps make the fit perfect while you navigate through your day. These masks are durable, washable and can even be dried and worn many times over.

The MAS C....coming soon and will be available on the website. 10 different styles for you to choose from.

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