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Welcome to "Blatantly Bold": A men's formal wear discussion

Welcome to "Blatantly Bold". I thought is was about time to offer a place where all of us could share our passion for formal wear while connecting virtually. Look at this as an extension of CARLO CHIOCCHIO formal wear but a chance to talk about everything and anything relating to mens formal wear. Carlo Chiocchio ties, braces, sheers and other products will also be discussed as well. I'll do my best in keeping the blog current but I'll need your help with engagement!

What do you want to hear about most? The topics are endless as men's formal wear can take several different directions. I can post about the different tie knots, how to tie a tie, colors and pattern matching, fit of a suit, do's and dont's, sheer socks and how to wear them and so on.

So thank you for engaging and supporting and let's get this show on the road!!

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