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Why The Names?

When beginning this journey, I wanted to pay tribute to my heritage. I was born Canadian but my dad is directly from Italy and my mom was Canadian born but of Italian parents.

The company that makes my ties found me and with a little luck they just happen to be from Italy. With that, I decided to give my ties Italian names creating a "personality" for each individual tie.

From left to right: The Giuliana (my sister), The Anna (my mom), The Lola (my dog)

In many instances I've used names of family members, good friends and of my dog. Where possible, I've taken the English name and found the Italian equivalent keeping the products true to my Italian roots.

Other products on the site have been given Italian equivalents as well. These are as follows:

The Gia C (suspenders in Italian is giarrettiere)

The Calz C (socks in Italian is calzini)

The Seta C (silk in Italian is seta)

The Fazz ( pocket square in Italian is fazzoletto)

The Strisce C (stripe in Italian is Strisce)

Other products that may be gracing the website with their presence are:

The Masc C ( Mask in Italian is maschera)

The Cam C ( Dress shirt in Italian is camicia)

So there you have it. A little information on why the names are what they are. Uselss info...yes. Interesting info...I think so!

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